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High As I Wanna Get Safety Card

High As I Wanna Get Safety Card

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Our talk-show host also does stand-up.  And does it well! Here’s Tom Green talking about the good old days…

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An Incomplete List of All “DS” Pseudonyms:Donut SnaxDelivery SystemsDerpy SonicDruidic SatchelDrizzle SundownDabba-doo SimilacDream SequenceDialogue SequenceDislikes SonicDune Sanderson Discount Samplers Downtown SewageDoowop SingerDanny SatsumaDoppleganger SantaDub SmashingtonDetention SaturdayDubious SlapperDances SubstandardDicey SwindlerDumb StumpDank SmellDoughy SlopDrop SiteDrug SmugglerDisastrous SandwichDoobie WareDiagonal SidewaysDuck SaucermanDiscount SparklersDrippin’ SauceDoot ShawarmaDevil’s SidekickDusty SidesaddleDid StuffDaily SyndicateDamn SaxonDigit SubtractionDon’t ShootmeDraws SometimesDroopy SaddlebagsDropping SanwichesDried SquidDual Screen

An Incomplete List of All “DS” Pseudonyms:

Donut Snax
Delivery Systems
Derpy Sonic
Druidic Satchel
Drizzle Sundown
Dabba-doo Similac
Dream Sequence
Dialogue Sequence
Dislikes Sonic
Dune Sanderson
Discount Samplers
Downtown Sewage
Doowop Singer
Danny Satsuma
Doppleganger Santa
Dub Smashington
Detention Saturday
Dubious Slapper
Dances Substandard
Dicey Swindler
Dumb Stump
Dank Smell
Doughy Slop
Drop Site
Drug Smuggler
Disastrous Sandwich
Doobie Ware
Diagonal Sideways
Duck Saucerman
Discount Sparklers
Drippin’ Sauce
Doot Shawarma
Devil’s Sidekick
Dusty Sidesaddle
Did Stuff
Daily Syndicate
Damn Saxon
Digit Subtraction
Don’t Shootme
Draws Sometimes
Droopy Saddlebags
Dropping Sanwiches
Dried Squid
Dual Screen



DSuntone - MisterGroper
3x30r<][$+ <i>redux</i>

3x30r<][$+ <i>redux</i>